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Amman Design Week

2019, Catalog

Amman Design Week is an immersive experience in local and regional design and culture‭, focused on creating a forum for learning‭, ‬exchange, and collaboration. The platform empowers designers through its comprehensive‭ ‬program of large-scale curated exhibitions‭, ‬student and community programs‭, ‬workshops‭, ‬talks‭, ‬competitions‭, ‬and cultural events‭. 

Catalogue 2019

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The Amman Design Week 2019 catalog was required to serve as a bilingual, printed guide to the week’s numerous activities. The event spanned three city districts and hosted a variety of different events that needed to be correctly categorized and organized in a way that made it easy for the reader to find what they’re looking for or stumble across something that potentially interested them.

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Catalogue Sections by city district: Ras El Ain, Jabal Amman, and Jabal Al L'Weibdeh


The catalog used a color-coded system to organize events by location. Yellow was for Ras El Ain, Blue for Jabal Amman, and Purple for Jabal al Lweibdeh. This color-coded system could be seen in the intro and outro sections as well, making it easy for readers to flip to a section they need. Each colored section was also categorized by three main event types: Visit, Learn and Enjoy. So if someone wanted to see an exhibition, they could flip to the “Visit” section of that district. Or, if they wanted to attend a workshop, they could scroll through the “Learn” section of that district instead.

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Color-coded Table of Contents

The catalogue can be viewed here.


Rana Beiruti



Creative Direction

Yara Hindawi


Graphic Design

Rasha Tabbalat

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