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Amman Design Week

2018/19, Website UX

Amman Design Week is an immersive experience in local and regional design and culture‭, focused on creating a forum for learning‭, ‬exchange, and collaboration. The platform empowers designers through its comprehensive‭ ‬program of large-scale curated exhibitions‭, ‬student and community programs‭, ‬workshops‭, ‬talks‭, ‬competitions‭, ‬and cultural events‭. 

It is also a curatorial platform dedicated to building connections between designers and innovators in Jordan and the world‭. ‬The platform offers year-round learning programs‭, ‬direct mentorship‭, ‬and personalized guidance‭, ‬working hand-in-hand with aspiring designers and craftspeople to develop new and original products and ideas‭.‬​

The results and achievements of these programs culminate in Amman Design Week‭, ‬a nine-day connecting point that occurs biennially‭.‬

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Homepage Banner and Navigation


With its vast programming and design network, Amman Design Week required an online portal that could house all of this information in a way that is easy for the team to update. It was essential for anyone interested in the event to have access to the information they need and be inspired by the content they may discover.

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Main program page and inside event page


The website was structured with three different audiences in mind: visitors of the main event or smaller year-round exhibitions, designers and facilitators who wish to participate, and finally, press and journalists who wanted to cover the activities.

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Curator description in Hangar Exhibition event page and related news article

With that in mind, the website's content was simplified into three main sections: Visit, Participate, and Media.

Information updated on the website worked retroactively across relevant pages, making it easier for back-end users to quickly publish information.

The front-end was designed to make it simple and easy for visitors to browse current and past versions of the Week. Each year, the website can be dressed in different color schemes, graphics, and fonts to fit the current theme. The website's archive maintains the old color palette and graphics to give visitors a view into the previous year's themes.

The website can be viewed here.


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ADW Main Website Mockup2.png