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(Goethe Intitut)

2019, Website UX/UI

takween is a program that aims to support designers and creative entrepreneurs in Jordan through a series of learning opportunities and community-building initiatives, initiated as a collaboration between the Goethe-Institut and platform.




The program had a densely populated schedule for the year. The events and workshops scheduled required online registration as space in the physical building were quite limited. The website's primary purpose was to serve as a hub for registration and information for each event and workshop scheduled for that year. Its secondary objective was to provide a recap of text and photos post-event, allowing it to also function as an archive for the program as a whole.​

The takween team was relatively small but with a heavy workload, so updating the website had to be comfortable and efficient! To keep the website updated, the admin backend had to make it easy to upload images without external digital tools (i.e., resizing or filtering images with Photoshop). And automatically/retroactively update events based on whether open calls had passed their stated deadline.

Thumbnail Sketches.png

Thumbnail concept


The website was built in a simplistic structure, utilizing the homepage to give visitors a brief glance of the year's schedule and quick access to the program's available open calls. One of the website's smart features was the usage of a "smart thumbnail."


These thumbnails gave visual queues to visitors on whether a program was still open for registration or not. 

Thumbnail render

Thumbnail Renders.png

If the open call was still available, users could click "Apply Now" on the thumbnail and be taken to a page with a built-in registration form. Once this deadline had passed, the system would automatically update the thumbnail. The only updates the admins were required to do were to manually update the page with any available photographs they had from the event/workshop.

The website can be viewed here.


platform & the Goethe Institut

Platform Directors

Rana Beiruti & Laura Hartz


Platform Managers

Amani Qaddoumi & Franziska Priesemeister​


Art Direction & Branding

Rasha Tabbalat

UX/UI Design

Yara Hindawi


Bassam Barham

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