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Youth Forum (UNODC)

2020, Branding

Every year, the UNODC hosts a Youth Forum as part of the CND. This Forum is organized as part of a bigger project called the Youth Initiative. This year, the UNODC wanted the Forum to have its own logo and branding in order to catch the interest of participants as well as increase visibility of its activities to audiences around the globe.


Original Youth Initiative logo; early Youth Forum logo options


Final Youth Forum logo and all of its forms


The logo was to be derived from the Youth Initiative’s already existing wordmark and color palette.

Thumbnail concept

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After much experimentation, the logo took on the form of a combination mark – the word “Youth” was brought to the forefront, and an illustration was added to signify the nurturing of mental health through amplified voices and communication.


To make sense of these concepts even further, 5 key themes were highlighted: empowering youth leaders, nurturing mental health, global participation, peer-to-peer prevention, and science-based prevention.

Five main illustrations were then developed to further expand on this messaging; deriving from the style of the Youth Initiative logo and its younger sibling, the Youth Forum logo, cute little illustrations were drawn out for each message. A community of hands holding a brain to accompany the message of ‘nurturing mental health’; a book and an atom to signify the importance of ‘science-based prevention.’

In order to place these illustrations on a variety of dimensions and surfaces, a mosaic was developed through the use of a lined grid, with additional embellishments. This allowed the final illustrations to become super scalable for the Forum’s numerous usages.



UNODC PTRS: Giovanna Campello, Elizabeth Mattfeld, Nina Fabiola Montero Salas, Franciscah Kosgey

Art Direction

Yara Hindawi

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